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[appeasy_shortcode_for_feature_Box_one bg_image=”16183″ jump=”false” heading1=”Advalley Group” heading2=”Advalley Group creates data driven marketing and technology solutions for the leisure industry.”]
[appeasy_shortcode_for_feature_Box_one bg_image=”16186″ jump=”false” jump_delay=”0.75″ heading1=”Leisure Platforms” heading2=”Advalley Group owns two leisure platforms:

1. LuxuryHotelCompany, for B2C, offering enriched hotel packages.

2. HotelsByLaura, specialized for B2B, selling hotel packages.”]

[appeasy_shortcode_for_feature_Box_one bg_image=”16185″ jump=”false” jump_delay=”1.5″ heading1=”Success” heading2=”With the right combination of technology, data and intelligent people, Advalley Group makes the difference in global leisure tech and marketing.”]
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[appeasy_shortcode_for_wwo_sec_one heading2=”LuxuryHotelCompany
B2C platform” heading2_thin=”B2C platform” desc=”LuxuryHotelCompany is the short stay hotel and travel website for people who are looking for an unforgettable experience. To ensure a high quality experience, we focus on 4 and 5 starhotels.

To many hotel partners, we’re the main reservations provider in a high quality target group.” btn1_name=”More information for hotels” btn1_url=”https://www.advalley.io/luxuryhotelcompany/” btn2_name=”Become a hotel partner” btn2_url=”#contact” image=”16301″ jump=”false” btn1_bg_color=”#8224e3″ heading3_color=”” btn_bg_color=””]

[appeasy_shortcode_for_wwo_sec_two heading2=”HotelsByLaura
B2B platform” heading2_thin=”B2B platform” desc=”HotelsByLaura is our B2B platform, especially created for retailers and e-tailers.

HotelsByLaura enables retailers and e-tailers to sell hotel packages as a ticket and provides instant access to thousands of high quality offers.” btn1_name=”More information for retailers and e-tailers” btn1_url=”https://www.advalley.io/hotelsbylaura/” btn2_name=”Contact us” btn2_url=”#contact” image=”16299″ jump=”false”]

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[appeasy_shortcode_for_testimonial_slider_one heading2=”Partners About Us” heading2_thin=”About Us” number_of_testimonial=”4″ name1=”Bob Lodder” designation1=”Sales and Marketing, Landgoed de Holtweijde” description1=”Since 2011, Landgoed de Holtweijde has been collaborating with LuxuryHotelCompany. In 2016 the number of reservations increased by more than 450% compared to 2015. Guests from LuxuryHotelCompany are generally willing to spend more in our restaurant, resulting in excellent average spending. Almost all guests stay with us for diner. The employees of LuxuryHotelCompany are easy to reach and, when needed, very willing to cooperate and achieve the maximum return. I can heartily recommend a collaboration with LuxuryHotelCompany!” image1=”http://www.advalley.io/wp-content/uploads/avat-copy-e1553690978101.jpg” name2=”LuxuryHotelCompany” designation2=”Sies K, LuxuryHotelCompany guest on Trustpilot” description2=”We enjoyed our stay through LuxuryHotelCompany! We really liked everything at Spa Zuiver Hotel, both the food and all the wellness facilities. I will certainly book again through LuxuryHotelCompany!! Not only you get 50% discount on your stay, but also the hotels they select are more than worth your time to be completely pampered!! So definitely recommended!! Thank you LuxuryHotelCompany for the amazing experience!” image2=”http://www.advalley.io/wp-content/uploads/star-e1553695933838.png” name3=”Pleasantly surprised” designation3=”Kevania M, LuxuryHotelCompany guest on Trustpilot” description3=”This was the first time I’ve booked through LuxuryHotelCompany and I must say that I really enjoyed it. The hotel was beautiful, which I’d already seen on the pictures (and of course I had read some reviews about the hotel). In general, I often think when you book such a package that a hotel is beautiful but that you are still in a small, ‘budget’ room. This was absolutely not the case here! The room was spacious and beautiful and the food, which was included, was delicious. Altogether, this was more than worth it!” image3=”http://www.advalley.io/wp-content/uploads/star-e1553695933838.png” name4=”LuxuryHotelCompany Top” designation4=”Eddy M., LuxuryHotelCompany guest on Trustpilot” description4=”Thanks to LuxuryHotelCompany, we stayed at the Carlton Square Hotel in Haarlem and it was 100% better than expected. We are certainly book even more hotels with this provider!” image4=”http://www.advalley.io/wp-content/uploads/star-e1553695933838.png”]
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